My work on Teen Titans Go!

2016-12-07 13:51:16 by Sykohyko

The majority of the show is done in flash symbol animation style, but some shots require traditional animation, which I do. I've been posting my work on Instagram. Check them out and follow me for more future posts


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2016-12-07 14:21:33

Teen titans go is pretty bad ayy


2016-12-07 14:28:27

Cool beans mang.


2016-12-07 14:36:54

Oh neat! My kids are real into Teen Titans Go, I'll have to watch for your shots in there.

Sykohyko responds:

nice! my daughter loves the show too. There's a couple of my shots in most episodes.


2016-12-07 16:36:13

Oh cool! I'm not exactly super into that show tbh but it's nice to see some behind the scenes of the animation :D


2016-12-07 17:22:52

It's nice to see that you stay in touch on Newgrounds despite how busy your schedule must now be hahah, good job and keep it up!


2016-12-07 18:16:10

Ahhhh i always enjoyed these little segments of the show as they were animated so nice and cute


2016-12-08 04:44:00

I think that show is a complete disgrace to animation. But I rock, man.


2016-12-08 09:50:27

Awesome, I had no idea you worked on Teen Titans Go! Your stuff is fantastic man keep it up.